HAE HireGuard Summary of Cover

Property hired out under HAE HireGuard is covered for:

(amount deducted from each claim) for amount of loss

Up to £500 - £25.00
£501 to £1000 - £50.00
£1001 to £2000 - £75.00
£2001 to £2500 - £100.00
£2501 to £5000 - £250.00
£5001 and over- £500.00


  1. Policy Excess
  2. Continuing hire charges
  3. Recovery costs
  4. Loss or damage whilst in a vehicle unless
    1. all doors are locked and windows/openings are securely fastened whilst unattended
    2. property is securely mounted or fixed to the vehicle or kept in a suitable container whilst in transit
  5. Loss or damage to attachments, including tyres and ancillary equipment, other than to diamond cutting wheels
  6. Loss or damage due to
    1. Cleaning and conduct of routine maintenance of the property
    2. Breakdown or wear and tear
    3. Treatment or foreign bodies
    4. Wilful Act
  7. Loss or damage due to Fraud or Dishonesty of Employees
  8. Consequential loss or loss of continuing hire charges
  9. Loss or damage in Northern Ireland resulting from riot or civil commotion
  10. Motor vehicles other than unlicensed or designed for use as a tool of trade
  11. Inventory Losses
  12. Legal Liability for injury to third parties or damage to their property
  13. Use of plant underground
  14. Loss by fraud or theft if security procedures have not been complied with

This is a summary of cover only and is not intended to replicate full policy terms and conditions and should not be relied on. Master copy can be viewed at the offices of HAE Insurance Services or a copy is available on request.

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